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graduated in Zurich and at the ballet school of the Hamburg Ballet | John Neumeier. During her studies se was the three-time receiver of the Migros scholarship. She worked at the Tanztheater Nürnberg (under the leadership of Daniela Kurz) from 1998 - 2005, there she worked with numerous international neowned choreographers such as Tero Saarinen, Nicolo Fonte and Javier de Frutos. Since 2005 she works as an independent dancer and choreographer and was amongst others at the Aldenburgh Music Festival, the Bregenz Festival, the Canadian Opera Company and several times at the Festival Origen Cultural. In addition, in recent years she has started directing. In 2014 she has staged Robert Schumanns song cycle «Frauenliebe und Leben» for the «Internationales Kammermusikfestival» in Nürnberg. In 2015 she directed her first opera for the «Bridging Arts» in Salzburg.