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Sonia has been working as a costume designer since 2015, successfully collaborating with Russian and foreign theatres, festivals and TV shows. She created costumes for ballets presented at the Mariinsky Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Munich Philharmonic 360°, TV- Show «Grand Ballet» and «Benois De La Danse» Award at the Bolshoi Theatre.


As a costume designer, she took part in the creation of performances «I’m not scared» (music by Ezzio Bosso) and «House of Memories» (music by Max Richter), which premiered at the Origen Festival Cultural in Switzerland. Her works have also been shown in Germany, Spain, Croatia and many other countries.


Sonia Vartanian uses different stylistic solutions, works simultaneously with classical heritage and modern forms, color or, conversely, monochrome palette, graphics and minimalism. Her works always emphasize music and choreographic style, but at the same time, they attract attention, being an essential part of every performance.