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Yeinner Chicas was born and raised in the city of Masaya, Nicaragua and he currently resides in Spain. At an early age he studied Nicaraguan Folkloric Dance, his passion for dance lead him to continue his professional training in contemporary dance and he got a degree from the Nicaraguan Academy of Dance in Managua as a choreographer and dancer. Chicas has ventured into the Latin American and European continents, working as a choreographer, performer and co-creator in dance and audiovisual productions with Alpo Aaltakoski, Kati Kallio, Alba Lorca, Tina Halford, Tres Hermanos project, Cía Elías Aguirre, Cía Baal, ADN Dialect or Sedimenti Project Italy. He is the winner of the SóLODOS en Danza Choreographic Contest in Costa Rica together with Tina Halford with the piece «PUNTO EN COMÚN» (it was part of the programmed performances in Red Acieloabierto 2015).


At Origen he danced in «My Land» by Alena Tarasova in the summer 2022 in Riom Castle.